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eGIS Mobile

eGIS mobile applications enable you to view and collect data in the field and are designed to optimize the screen space on your phone or tablet.

eGIS Web

You don't need a desktop computer. You can use eGIS to view and edit data from any internet-connected device in the world.

eGIS Desktop

Our desktop eGIS software eliminates cross-browser issues and minimizes bandwidth usage. Click here to download eGIS Desktop.

Dedicated Support

If you need help using eGIS, you can count on 39°north for Hoosier Hospitality and un-matched customer service.

Standard Core Features

Map Elements
Active Tool Indicator
Coordinate Display
Dynamic Scale Bar

Navigation Tools
Interactive Zoom In
Interactive Zoom Out
Next View
Pannable Overview Map
Previous View
Sliding Scale Bar
Zoom to Full Extent

Aerial Photography Toggle
Google Street View
Pictometry Data Viewer

User Preferences
Bookmark Locations
Create Mailing Labels
Map Contents
Map Tips
Previous View
Print to File or Printer
Reset Map
Save and Load Drawn Graphics
Save Map Image

Zoom To
X/Y Coordinates
Quick Searches
Owner Name
Owner Street
Parcel Number
Property Class Code
Property Street

The "Others"
Buffer Features
Capture Coordinates
Customizable Results Window
Export to Excel
Identify Features
Measure Areas
Measure Distances

User Administration

eGIS has a powerful user-administration system for unlocking and granting access to features that are not available to the public. As of February 2014, there are over 18,700 registered users of eGIS, all of whom can save maps, customize the colors of individual layers, customize results, save locations, and much more. Users can save their settings to a profile which they can access from any internet-connected device—anywhere, anytime.

Data Access

eGIS allows you to secure senstive information by setting up Protected Layers. Only the registered users you specify will have access to such layers. Once your data is secured in this way, the general public will not have access to it.

The following screenshot illustrates how Bartholomew County has protected information regarding drinking water, storm runoff, and sanitary services. Emergency Management officials also use Protected Layers to safeguard critical infrastructure information.

Data Editing

eGIS has built-in data-editing capabilities that allow specified users to edit and maintain data securely, from any internet-enabled device. From Highway Department personnel managing bridges and roads to Surveyors maintaining their corner stones and tie cards, eGIS allows anywhere, anytime editing without expensive desktop software.

eGIS provides suites of editing tools for the following departments: Assessor, Auditor, Area Planning, Emergency Management, Highway, Public Safety, Recorder, and Voter Registration.


eGIS has many complex data-analysis tools to help [specified] users make better decisions and catch anomolies in their data.

The following screenshot illustrates the Morgan County Assessor's use of our Neighborhood Analysis tool to produce a variety of statistics for the properties in an individual neighborhood. This data is updated daily with information from the Assessor's CAMA database.

Real-time Collaboration

From data stewards managing their information to citizens entering complaint tickets, eGIS allows users to engage in real-time collaboration, eliminating the need to synchronize each computer.

The following is an example of our eGIS Community Response module for managing 311 tickets. This module is now free to any eGIS customer— contact us today to enable it.


eGIS is accessible from web browsers, mobile devices, and desktops. This creates a true "Enterprise" solution, allowing any updates or edits to be viewed instantly on any other device connected to the platform.


Our eGIS has been designed to grow according your organization's needs. Whether you have 500 users or thousands of users, eGIS can scale up or down depending on demand.

At any time, with a flip of a switch, eGIS can unlock additional functionality to support a variety of operations from data editing to high-end data analysis.


We strive to improve our clients' daily decision-making by helping them visualize their data through Geographical Information Systems.

Our team is committed to turning your datasets into powerful visual-management tools and to providing you with the support you need to utilize them to your fullest advantage. We use GoTo Meeting, a Helpdesk system, and a toll-free number to ensure that users with questions can talk to an individual—a programmer, a sales rep, or even the owner—instead of wasting their time in the endless loops of automated call systems.

Mobile Device Features

To download eGIS Mobile for your Android or iOS device, click the appropriate icon or scan the QR Code below.



Integrated GPS

When you're using eGIS on the go, "Zoom to GPS Location" will quickly identify properties near your current location. This extremely handy option eliminates the need to do a property search or to guess where you are on the map.

Basic Property Information

The "Basic Property Information" tab allows users to identify a property by its parcel ID number, Owner Name, Neighborhood, Property Classification, Legal Description, and Property Address.


A historical list of transfers of ownership is available for each property through eGIS Mobile.


eGIS Mobile provides a convenient graph of all the historical valuations for a particular property, including the date of each valuation.


Sheds, exterior garages, and other improvements to a property are listed under eGIS Mobile's "Improvements" tab.


eGIS Mobile can illustrate all digitally recorded sales and their associated dates in tabular and graphical formats.


Web and Desktop Features

The eGIS software suites below have been tailored for local and state governments, but our core tools can be modified for any industry or business, especially those that manage complex networks of facilities, assets, and human capital.

Past clients have included petroleum-pipeline managers, hospital administrators, groundwater samplers, and Homeland Security Emergency Operation Centers. Let us show you how our data-visualization tools can optimize your decision-making.

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Community Response - Now FREE!

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Buffer Parcels

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Online Parcel Editing

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Thematically Render Parcels

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Pavement Management


All eGIS packages include standard core features, unlimited user accounts, daily updates, Helpdesk support, enhanced parcel reports, Community Response *, online parcel editor *, and mobile device access.

  Summit Ascent Baseline Plateau
Data Layers 50
Aerial Photography Storage Included Up to 3
Up to 2
1 Version Worldwide
Unlimited Tollfree Phone Support    
1-Day Onsite Annual Training    
Monthly GIS Meetings      
Includes all of the following:
- 911 PSAP Software **
- Parcel Editing *
- Area Planning
- Assessor
- Community Response *
- Vehicle Tracking
- Highway
- Recorder
- Surveyor
- Voter Registration
Four Addons
Two Addons
* Designates that these addons are not included in the Plateau package.
** Designates that this addon is only included in the Summit package. Contact us for details.


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