Why the name 39 DEGREES NORTH?

The 39th parallel is the line of latitude closest to our headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana. Our office sits 14.9 miles north of 39°00'00", almost 2,925 miles north of the equator.

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39°N founder and Managing Member Chris Walls is a graduate of Bloomington High School South. He enrolled at Indiana University intending to major in Business, but after suffering an injury while working through college on the 3rd shift at United Parcel Service, he was forced to withdraw and continue full-time at UPS to pay his bills. Upon returning, Chris pursued his interests in Geography, Astronomy, Physics, and higher math, eventually specializing in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.

Chris capped his five-and-a-half years at I.U. and UPS. by going to work for Dr. Denver Harper. At the Indiana Geological Survey, Chris created data and metadata for the GIS Atlas for Southwestern Indiana, a project funded by the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. INDOT and the Highway Administration then funded a second project to make the Atlas and its web-mapping technology available publicly statewide.

39°N co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Prem Radhakrishnan studied mining engineering at Banaras Hindu University in India before coming to America with $100 and eventually earning a master's of science in Geography from Southern Illinois University. As soon as Prem arrived at the Indiana Geological Survey as a Database Administrator and Application Developer, he and Chris found themselves collaborating on projects like the GIS Atlas for Indiana, which would earn their team an award for Special Achievement in GIS at ESRI's International User Conference in 2005. In December of 2004, while they were still working together at the IGS in Bloomington, Chris asked Prem to join him in starting 39°N, which they launched on a single Dell Desktop Chris bought with a student loan and a $780 data contract from a local utility company.

39°N has since expanded to a rack of servers and a client base that includes 17 Indiana counties as well as numerous other state authorities, federal agencies, and private businesses from Boston and New York City to Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Lexington, to Lousiana, Texas, and Southern California.

We at 39°N specialize in developing and implementing software for managing Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We provide system architecture and geodatabase design, and we will customize our Internet and Mobile mapping applications to help expand your operation's capabilities. Depending on your unique needs, we can also provide expert analysis and consulting, as well as data-creation and migration services.

Our programmers are experienced designers and developers of Geographical Information Systems, and as certified ESRI Business Partners, we can assure you that your solutions will be state-of-the-art and your customer service will be unsurpassed.